Awareness and Appreciation

Sew Ngapa (Torres Strait Welcome in Kala Kawa Ya).

We would like to introduce ourselves according to cultural protocols and begin by acknowledging The First Australians, whose lands, winds and waters we all now share. We thank them and their ancestors for handing down their wisdom and knowledge so we are able to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queensland for many generations to come.

Nguin Warrup are a not for profit organisation which strives to create a greater awareness and appreciation of Australia’s unique Indigenous cultures. We achieve this through a range of community development programs, as well as corporate consulting and advisory services. We also provide a referral service and act as booking agents for a number of outstanding Indigenous artists and cultural performers.

“Great performance by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Groups, wonderful to see the living culture of Australia’s First Peoples.”

Lani Pleasant

“It’s great to see the culture being maintained and being passed onto our young people”

Lydia Jawai

Experienced Team

Our team comprises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; The First Australians. All our members have expertise in developing the artistic and cultural strengths of a community in order to affect greater social, emotional and financial benefits.

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Queen Street Mall performances - cultural performers

Community Case Study

As part of this program, Nguin Warrup began providing opportunities for Indigenous groups to showcase their traditional songs and dances, within the urban setting of Brisbane’s CBD.

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Nguin Warrup - Community engagement - Indigenous Australian Culture

Corporate Social Responsibility

In our digital, social networking era, being a good corporate citizen is no longer just about meeting regulations and achieving a healthy profit, it’s also about the perceptions customers have of a business.

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